This is a list to do !

A friend of mine wrote everyday a list-to-do. For every rendez-vous, people to call, things to do at home like “washing dishes” or “watering cabbages”. I found it really funny and unusual until the day i started to do it for myself. I hate lists-to-do. No matter if it’s a piece of paper of a proper list wrote in a note-book, i loose it cause it’s always a “stress-reminder”. Another day my friend told me about her wish-list and it’s was the beginning of a new story or a pretext to talk with drunk people.

For the next Fire Zine issue the topic is “List-to-do vs Wish-list”. I have all my time to think about the concept and maybe write some texts. Actually i don’t know if this zine project is something i really want or it’s just a kind of “contribution” or something like “it could be nice to do it”. The topic fix with with project. “Project” was the topic i fixed the last time and it’s too large. The theme just swallowed me and i couldn’t structure my ideas and things to share. Project can be anything. What’s not possible to avoid the discussion on utopia and deceptions. I love those crazy plans people can make together. It looks really unrealistic and suddenly it works ! And maybe the recipes to turn plan in a project it’s the will. If people want to do something, they don’t need to cry on list-to-do, they are suddenly motivate and go on !

If you would like to participate or just to complain you can write me a mail.