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Brighter than the sun

Invention of light bulb made our days longer. It made our days never-ending. We stay work or actif before sunrise and after sunset. Light is often a synonym of safety and progress, as darkness is compared to ignorance.

In the beginning of XX century, Russian futurist mixed graphics arts, music and literature to set up a new opera : Victory over the sun1 . Malevich’ Black Square was used as background in scenography. This painting is considered as spiritual, not only because the square is a geometrical monochrome. Artist, as a lot of his time, was inspired by theory of four-dimensional space. Victory over the sun feature a rupture with romantic view of nature and promote a future and new technology. It reflect a patriarchal and military visions: “If you beat the stronger, you’re the strongest”. The desire to represent our “ideals” strongest than the sun is not something new. For example Augustin Calmet2 wrote what “[…] God’s eyes [… ] are brighter than the sun […]” and see everything from the Most High. Christians condemned pagan rituals of the sun to promote their own new religion strongest than the sun. It remind me the “power-over” defined by a feminist and anti-nuclear activist Starhawk3 as a power of domination, in opposition with “power-within”, or “power-with”. The 6th of August 1945 an atomic bomb was drop on Hiroshima. “Ten thousand sun, they will say” – say woman in dramatic film Hiroshima Mon Amour written by Marguerite Duras.
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No means no artwork

feminist week-end

Thanks a lot to friends who organised and helped with “No Means No” week-end. Culottées du Bocal made an awesome, in french we say, conférence gesticulée. It’s a theatrical conference with a political and public education purpose.  Culottées du Bocal are talking about consent and rape culture, of course with a positive perspective. The second day we had a lot of discussions, workshops and of course a feminist show and a boom in the end.

It was a pleasure to draw something to screen-print t-shirts and bags, it was a kind of contribution for the festival.
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those pictures cannot substitute…

I really meditate about images and specially images on struggles and political topic. I love illustrations on Earth First! and radical ecology. It’s so punchy and romantic. But those pictures cannot substitute a struggle. Like no picture will substitute the forest or the dying earth.

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This is a list to do !

A friend of mine wrote everyday a list-to-do. For every rendez-vous, people to call, things to do at home like “washing dishes” or “watering cabbages”. I found it really funny and unusual until the day i started to do it for myself. I hate lists-to-do. No matter if it’s a piece of paper of a proper list wrote in a note-book, i loose it cause it’s always a “stress-reminder”. Another day my friend told me about her wish-list and it’s was the beginning of a new story or a pretext to talk with drunk people.

For the next Fire Zine issue the topic is “List-to-do vs Wish-list”. I have all my time to think about the concept and maybe write some texts. Actually i don’t know if this zine project is something i really want or it’s just a kind of “contribution” or something like “it could be nice to do it”. The topic fix with with project. “Project” was the topic i fixed the last time and it’s too large. The theme just swallowed me and i couldn’t structure my ideas and things to share. Project can be anything. What’s not possible to avoid the discussion on utopia and deceptions. I love those crazy plans people can make together. It looks really unrealistic and suddenly it works ! And maybe the recipes to turn plan in a project it’s the will. If people want to do something, they don’t need to cry on list-to-do, they are suddenly motivate and go on !

If you would like to participate or just to complain you can write me a mail.

Stoner & Flowers

I experiment a lot with wordpress themes, and time to time … nothing works ! Probably you think it’s really nasty and ugly. You’re right, but it still my blog. I’m drawing flowers for Tumult and think about my friend in Alps. She’s surrounded by mountains. So i draw them. Actually i had her at the phone and she’s studying and drawing flowers too. Maybe it’s a kind of summer mood!