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No means no artwork

feminist week-end

Thanks a lot to friends who organised and helped with “No Means No” week-end. Culottées du Bocal made an awesome, in french we say, conférence gesticulée. It’s a theatrical conference with a political and public education purpose.  Culottées du Bocal are talking about consent and rape culture, of course with a positive perspective. The second day we had a lot of discussions, workshops and of course a feminist show and a boom in the end.

It was a pleasure to draw something to screen-print t-shirts and bags, it was a kind of contribution for the festival.
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those pictures cannot substitute…

I really meditate about images and specially images on struggles and political topic. I love illustrations on Earth First! and radical ecology. It’s so punchy and romantic. But those pictures cannot substitute a struggle. Like no picture will substitute the forest or the dying earth.

Have a look on Susan Simensky Bietila, Emma Roulette or Sarah Quinter’s work. It’s amaizing. Continue reading “those pictures cannot substitute…”