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“Ça grésille dans le poteau”

“Ça grésille dans le poteau”. The book about activism against High Voltage in western part of France will be printed soon. The collectif from La Grange de Montabot call for subscription. A lot of friends were invited to work on sound, screenprintig, drawing and texts. It will be a kind of pluridisciplinary documentary about the struggle.The book is in french.

those pictures cannot substitute…

I really meditate about images and specially images on struggles and political topic. I love illustrations on Earth First! and radical ecology. It’s so punchy and romantic. But those pictures cannot substitute a struggle. Like no picture will substitute the forest or the dying earth.

Have a look on Susan Simensky Bietila, Emma Roulette or Sarah Quinter’s work. It’s amaizing. Continue reading “those pictures cannot substitute…”