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Brighter than the sun

Invention of light bulb made our days longer. It made our days never-ending. We stay work or actif before sunrise and after sunset. Light is often a synonym of safety and progress, as darkness is compared to ignorance.

In the beginning of XX century, Russian futurist mixed graphics arts, music and literature to set up a new opera : Victory over the sun1 . Malevich’ Black Square was used as background in scenography. This painting is considered as spiritual, not only because the square is a geometrical monochrome. Artist, as a lot of his time, was inspired by theory of four-dimensional space. Victory over the sun feature a rupture with romantic view of nature and promote a future and new technology. It reflect a patriarchal and military visions: “If you beat the stronger, you’re the strongest”. The desire to represent our “ideals” strongest than the sun is not something new. For example Augustin Calmet2 wrote what “[…] God’s eyes [… ] are brighter than the sun […]” and see everything from the Most High. Christians condemned pagan rituals of the sun to promote their own new religion strongest than the sun. It remind me the “power-over” defined by a feminist and anti-nuclear activist Starhawk3 as a power of domination, in opposition with “power-within”, or “power-with”. The 6th of August 1945 an atomic bomb was drop on Hiroshima. “Ten thousand sun, they will say” – say woman in dramatic film Hiroshima Mon Amour written by Marguerite Duras.
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